New Seating

We’ve handmade these great new table & seating combinations for our outdoor area, they seat 10 people each and most of them are under the pine trees near the cabins with a couple just outside the pool area. We’re continuously trying to make the camp more comfortable for our valued clients, so now when you come for a camp and there’s a changeover it will be a lot more comfortable. Of course they can be used at any time while you’re at camp as well but we still serve the meals in our air-conditioned/heated Dining Room.


Dining Room Verandah

We’ve improved the entrance to the Dining Room with a decent sized verandah, there’s plenty of room to leave shoes outside if it’s inclement weather and you won’t get wet while doing it. After being in charge of the camp for the last few years we can finally start the improvements that we’ve been wanting to do so in the next year you’ll see lots of changes at the camp.