Activities Reception – Year 3

Glenhaven Park Activities Reception – Year 3


Learning in health and physical education promotes children’s and students’ self-confidence and interpersonal skills. It encourages an understanding of self and personal safety, and fosters a positive self-concept and respect for others, together with broader concerns for community and world health.
All activities reception – Year 3 are based on experiential learning that encourages individuals to participate in a group environment and work to a level of challenge which stretches them but is not threatening.
Safety is our priority so all our activities are conducted by qualified and experienced staff members using industry approved techniques.
Warm up games: Are activities which provide an opportunity for group members to have fun; they lead to lots of interaction between each other and focus on effort rather than success/failure. Our warms ups include; keep me off the ground, how long is a minute and a bush obstacle course.
Initiatives: Initiatives are best described as team building challenges that focus more on planning, problem solving, and creative thinking, than on physical ability. There are 5 different sessions of Initiatives spread over a program which are;

  1.  All aboard, SHHHH & Rope Shapes
  2.  Tank
  3. Survivor
  4. Search for Wildlife
  5. Pipe Challenge

Aboriginal Dreaming: Starting with a Kaurna Dreaming story we explore the natural world through paint and then write a story using traditional Aboriginal imagery.
Recycling: Encouraging sustainability we tell the story of what to recycle and where recycled goods go, with a game and a tour of our composting area where the good bugs grow!
Mini Hike: The group explores the Light River which runs near the campsite learning about the flora & fauna, we go ponding in the river and enjoy the benefits of healthy walk.
Planets: We explore the universe and our relation to it, art & craft activities including the making of a giant sun that will be the centrepiece of the camp dining room for the duration of the camp (this activity is on day 1 of camp).


Glenhaven Park camp Bookings

Glenhaven Park camp Bookings, Preparing your child for camp.

  Thank you so much for another fabulous experience, allowing and providing us a venue and service that meets all our needs! You have all been wonderful, in fact AMAZING!! Elizabeth & Andrew Leaders – Henley Beach Antioch Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church

Henley Beach Antioch Henley Beach Antioch Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church

Seacliff PRIMARY had a amazing time, all our year 7s enjoyed pushing their self to the limits!!! AMAZING food as well✨ Group 4 was the best

Seacliff Primary Seacliff Primary School

Wonderful camp program which has instilled confidence and happiness in all students! Thanks! J   Shari Lush Year 7 Teacher  

Reynella East College