Activities Year 4 & Up

Glenhaven Park Activities Year 4 & Up

Our activities year 4 & up are based on experiential learning that encourages individuals to participate in a group environment and work to a level of challenge which stretches them but is not threatening. The benefits of this type of learning are:

  • Enhances group cooperation, teamwork, and leadership skills
  • Promotes problem solving and critical thinking abilities
  • Builds confidence and self esteem
  • Develops camaraderie and friendship
  • Provides a fun and challenging learning environment

Safety is our priority so all our activities are conducted by qualified and experienced staff members using industry approved techniques; we provide all necessary safety equipment which is professionally maintained.

Listed below are the activities that are available that can add another dimension to your camp experience. All activity sessions are 1 ½ hours long.

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  • Initiatives: Initiatives are best described as team building challenges that focus more on planning, problem solving, and creative thinking, than on physical ability. Our course includes; Spider’s Web, Croc Pit, Islands, Aussie Switch, Prouty’s Landing and more! (have deleted Mohawk walk)
  • Giant Swing: The Giant Swing is always a favourite because it’s extremely exhilarating and fun! After being harnessed in by ourinstructor, the rest of the group pull the participant to the top of the swing (or as high as they want to go). The participant then pulls the rip-cord and self-releases the swing, it’s a great activity to build confidence at heights and is a perfect example of the “Challenge by Choice” philosophy.
  • Low Ropes Course: Using cables, ropes and wooden beams strung among poles, teams explore risk taking, leadership and communication. The low ropes course adventure also highlights problem-solving, coaching and collaboration. The low ropes elements are close to the ground so the perceived risk is low, but still challenging to complete. Course elements include; Swinging Log, Cat Walk, Weaver, See Saw, Multivine, Tension Traverse, Rigger’s Walk, Tied Two Lines, Stirrups & Horizontal Ladder.
  • High Ropes Course: Our high ropes course is a series of cables, platforms, ropes, and tires. The platforms are 10 metres above the ground. Participants are safely attached to the course at all times. High ropes offer the maximum perceived risk with low actual risk (i.e. it is a safe way to challenge yourself) through experiential learning. Course elements include; Multivine, Postman’s walk, Stirrups, Tension Traverse, Tied Two Line & Riggers Walk.
  • Belay School: (Part of a Double High Ropes Session) Belay Meaning: To provide security to a climber by paying out or drawing in school camps South Australia rope coursesrope, through a braking device; in readiness to break a potential fall. In the Belay School your group will learn safety practices, proper setup of equipment, verbal commands and the belaying technique (rope management). This is essential knowledge so that your group can belay themselves (with supervision) on the High Ropes Course; a great confidence booster and team cooperation activity. Year 8 upwards
  • Leap of Faith: Participants must muster all their confidence and courage to climb to the top of our 10 metre pamper pole, before they put their faith in themselves to jump and reach to catch the mid-air suspended trapeze. Participants are supported by a harness and rope.
  • Tower Challenge: Utilising crates the team must help the participant create a tower within a time frame that challenges their ability to problem solve and work co-operatively for the best achievable outcome. The tower challenge can be used for 1 group or as a challenge within a couple of teams to see whose team works best together. The participant on the crates are harnessed and belayed with a rope.
  • Giants Ladder: A great team relationship activity. Done in pairs, the giant’s ladder is a powerful tool. Imagine a ladder eight feet wide and 10 metres high with logs for rungs. Each step gets progressively bigger, from three to six feet apart. Participants find out quickly how important it is to help each other and that their success depends on the success of their teammate. Year 7 upwards
  • Mohawk Walk: The Mohawk Walk is an activity consisting of a single cable that routes from pole to pole, as a team you must traverse the lengths of cables without falling off; you accomplish this by creating a strategy, assigning roles and working together to complete this activity.
  • Orienteering: Orienteering is a sport wherein participants must navigate from one point to another using a map. Participants Archery Course SAdevelop strategies to navigate from one site to another. Orienteering provides: *Mental Challenges *Fun *Lifetime skills *Physical Activity *Excitement.
  • Bush Skills: An activity designed to show the advantages of team work as participants work in groups to gather food, water, shelter and fire to aid the group survival.
  • Archery: Archery helps improve concentration, boosts confidence, and self-image. It’s a sport that’s fun, but also allows participants of any age or skill level to compete against others or challenge themselves individually.
  • River Hike: The group explores the Light River which runs near the campsite learning about the history of the area, the environment, flora & fauna; whilst enjoying the benefits of healthy walk.




  • Raft Building: Raft Building is a great team building activity! The group is given rope, poles and plastic drums; the goal is to build a craft that will keep afloat with all aboard. This activity encourages team building where the group works together to plan and build their raft using communication and problem solving to complete the activity successfully. A knot tying explanation sheet will be sent to the Group Leader before the camp so that you can practice tying knots before coming to camp, making for a more successful raft build.


  • Campfire Cooking: teaching the techniques of lighting a fire, fire safety, food hygiene and how to cook on a campfire. Your group will be delighted with the delicious results and enjoy eating the food that they’ve made themselves!

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Thank you, we had a great time! Staff were amazing and great with the kids. Food was excellent, and a good variety. Rosalie Solomon

Kapunda Primary School

On behalf of Ben, myself and our year 4 students at Gulfview Heights Primary school, thank you so much for another fantastic camp! We all had an absolutely amazing experience and can’t thank you all enough. Thanks again Chris for coming out whenever we had any issues, we really appreciated it. The food was sensational […]

Gulfview Heights Primary School Gulfview Heights Primary School

  Thank you so much for another fabulous experience, allowing and providing us a venue and service that meets all our needs! You have all been wonderful, in fact AMAZING!! Elizabeth & Andrew Leaders – Henley Beach Antioch Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church

Henley Beach Antioch Henley Beach Antioch Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church

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