Cards of Appreciation for Glenhaven Park

Cards of Appreciation

Some cards of appreciation from one of the happy schools that have attended the campsite…Thanks to the students from Monash Primary School for the kind words about the camp & staff, we appreciate the efforts that you put in while at the camp and for the lovely cards that you made for us!


Cards of Appreciation for Glenhaven Park


Cards of Appreciation for Glenhaven Park


Cards of Appreciation for Glenhaven Park



Our Videos

March 2016 Glenhaven Park Camps –

Where is Glenhaven Park Camps?


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Adventure, Dining and Accommodation at Glenhaven Park Camps
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February 2016 Glenhaven Park Great Camps – Challenges
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January 2016 Glenhaven Park Camps
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Activities to be enjoyed at Glenhaven Park Camp Site

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Having an adventure at Glenhaven Park Great Camps

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Where to go for great camps.

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Children benefit from school camps at Glenhaven park.

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Camp after Pinery Fires Glenhaven Park

Glenhaven Park

Lucky at Glenhaven Park

Most of the campsite has not been affected by the fires that swept through on Wednesday. Here are some images a few days after the fire.



Front Gates








Glenhaven Park Cabins







Recreation Shed at Glenhaven Park











Glenhaven Park swimming pool



Glenhaven Park Cabins


Glenhaven Park Archery Field



Glenhaven Park, Looking toward the High Rope Course

Stockport Observatory

Stockport Observatory

Stockport Observatory

Stockport Observatory is just 3kms from the Glenhaven Park campsite and houses the largest telescope in South Australia. Located in the small town of Stockport (6kms north-east of Hamley Bridge) approximately 80kms north ofAdelaide. It provides a convenient astronomical facility away from the light pollution which surrounds Adelaide (population 1 million).

The Society owns two large observatories in Stockport. One of them (foreground) houses an 12-inch (30cm) Schmidt-Cassegrain, while the Charles Todd Observatory (background) houses the Society’s largest telescope at present – the Jubilee Telescope.


Stockport Observatory Telescope



To find out more about Stockport Observatory, their website is

Bookings and prices are listed here, ,


Groups can be up to 60 in total.


Stockport Observatory