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Where is Glenhaven Park?

Ayliffes Bridge Rd Stockport SA 5410 which is 74kms north of Adelaide CBD and approx. 20 minutes’ drive from Gawler. We’re on Google Maps; see the Contact Us webpage for the map.

Is there transport available to the campsite?

No, unfortunately we’re not on any bus routes you’ll need to drive or organise your own bus for your group to come to camp.

Who can use the campsite?

We’re available for group bookings only with different minimum numbers for accommodation and a single day of activities. Please contact us with your requirements and we’ll do our best to accommodate your camp experience needs.

Do we have to do the activities that are at the campsite?

No, you can do your own thing at Glenhaven Park, we have a country oval, large indoor basketball shed, the Dining Room has a projector & screen with DVD & multi-media input. You just won’t be able to access our specialised activities as these are instructed by our fully qualified Outdoor Educators and are out of bounds to anyone not participating in our activities.

How do we book a camp?

You can contact us directly by phone on 08 8528 2250, email us directly at glenhavenpark1@bigpond.com , fill in the email form on the Contact us webpage or fill in the Booking Form on the Camp Bookings webpage (this form is indicative of a booking, we will confirm the details before a concrete booking is accepted). Whichever way you contact us we’ll respond to your request as soon as possible.

Is the deposit required when you book a camp and how do I pay?

We’ll send you an invoice for the deposit once we’ve received the completed Booking & Hire Agreement form back from you, on the invoice is our bank details or you can send us a cheque.

Is linen supplied?

No, you’ll have to bring a pillow and a sleeping bag (or linen & blankets if preferred) for each camper.

Glenhaven Park Camp Quick Guide On what to Pack



What else should we bring?

Please see the camp guidelines (PDF) available on the Camp Bookings webpage for information on what to bring to camp.

What else is there to do at Stockport and surrounds?

There’s a Golf course just up the road and the Stockport Observatory is only 3 kms away from the campsite, there’s links to both of these on the Facilities webpage.

Glenhaven Park is only a ½ hours’ drive to the Clare Valley & Barossa Valley Winery Regions, see the Tourism SA website HERE for more information on the huge range of attractions available nearby.

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