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Camp Testimonials About Glenhaven Park

Check out our wonderful camp testimonials from our clients that had so much fun at Glenhaven Park Camp.

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On behalf of Ben, myself and our year 4 students at Gulfview Heights Primary school, thank you so much for another fantastic camp! We all had an absolutely amazing experience and can’t thank you all enough. Thanks again Chris for coming out whenever we had any issues, we really appreciated it. The food was sensational and Jade went above and beyond for any dietary requirements, she’s amazing! as well as the other lady (sorry I didn’t manage to catch her name) Your staff were fantastic in the way they carried out each of the activities and provided a safe and supportive environment for our kids. They were so proud of themselves for attempting challenges and doing things they didn’t think they could do.

Thanks so much again,

Chloe Francis

Gulfview Heights Primary School

Year 4 Teacher

9th-10th March 2021

Reynella East College


Wonderful camp program which has instilled confidence and happiness in all students! Thanks! J


Shari Lush

Year 7 Teacher

Reynella East College

16th October 2019



Kapunda Primary School

Thank you, we had a great time! Staff were amazing and great with the kids. Food was excellent, and a good variety.

Rosalie Solomon

SSO Kapunda PS


Henley Beach Antioch

Thank you so much for another fabulous experience, allowing and providing us a venue and service that meets all our needs! You have all been wonderful, in fact AMAZING!!

Elizabeth & Andrew

Leaders – Henley Beach Antioch

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church

21st July 2019

Gulfview Heights Primary School

Thank you so much, we all had a brilliant time and staff were so supportive and encouraging to all kids. Special thanks to Jade for amazing food and being accommodating to fussy eaters!

Ben Foley

Year 5 Teacher



Kingston-On-Murray Primary School

Kids especially loved the activities and the grounds. Food was also a big hit with everyone.

Natalie Coote




Westbourne Park Primary School

Students, staff and teachers enjoyed their stay and watching kids step outside their comfort zone.

Jo Brown

Year 5 Teacher



This year was our first trip to Glenhaven andit was simply amazing.
Our Yr 7-8 students enjoyed all activities and they loved working with the instructors who found the perfect balance of pushing students outside of their comfort zone in a safe and supportive manner.

The giant swing was a favourite for all.
The food was fantastic, many students commented that it was the best camp food they had ever had.
All staff at Glenhaven were welcoming,professional and their communication before, during and after the camp was excellent.
The grounds and facilities are excellent,very well maintained and the basketball shed was a favourite.
I would thoroughly recommend this camp to all age groups.


Jess Kuerschner
Orroroo Area School
12th November 2018

Goodwood PS 29th – 31st October

Another fabulous camp here!

Thank you for looking after us – we had such an amazing time.

Kids were challenged and motivated by the range of activities.

They were always supported and encouraged.

They enjoyed being ‘out in the bush’ and loved having opportunities to explore and observe the natural environment! 

See you again!


Diane Toole
Year 6/7 Teacher
Goodwood PS



Moorook Primary School

Congratulations to Glenhaven on a fantastic camp. Our students have had a wonderful time, the challenge and overcoming fears was great! Well done to all the staff who were so friendly, welcoming and flexible. I would recommend this camp to other schools. Well done to all!

Sonya Warren


Moorook Primary School

12th September 2018



North Ingle Primary School

Your Instructors make the camp! We like your flexibility and willingness to accommodate us. Would definitely recommend to others. Thank you, we had a blast!

Erin Boyle


North Ingle Primary School

7th September 2018


Playford College

The Instructors were great and built a great rapport with students, which in turn built their confidence. All students found something they enjoyed on this camp.

Emily Harris

Physical Education Teacher

Playford College

31st August 2018



Prescott Primary Northern

Prescott Primary Northern

Comments from the Students to the Instructors

  • This camp has been the best camp I have ever had and it is better with you people here
  • Thank you for helping me and being there for me when I was scared to go on the Giant Swing
  • Thank you for the walk and the beautiful view and for telling us some very useful information to take back – Hike
  • Thanks for letting us do activities and leading us through them

Comments from Students to the Kitchen Staff

  • I love your pancakes!
  • I am so happy you can cook for us, I loved your lasagne and cakes
  • Your food is the yummiest food ever! Thank you
  • It has been the best breakfast I have ever had and I like all of the food, it is very good
  • Dear Chefs, I love your food, it is the best food I’ve had in a long time!
  • Thank you for all the great food you provided us with some wonderful, delicious food for us. I know I don’t want to go home and eat Mum’s food.

23rd March 2018



Gilles Street Primary School

And once again, thanks so much to all the staff. I have led and been in many camps over the years and it’s no small thing to say that the camps that we have been on at Glenhaven Park the best I have been on. The staff, food and activities are absolutely spot on and have been just perfect for our kids.

Once again, please pass on to Chris, Kev and all the rest of your staff the many, many thanks for the wonderful experience all at Glenhaven Park provided for the children and staff of Gilles Street PS.

Kind Regards,

Mark Tucker

Assistant Principal – Innovation & Learning

6th April 2018



Father Peter Zwaans Group

The staff and facilities and food at Glenhaven Park were outstanding!!! Thank you for taking care of us amazingly. It was the perfect retreat camp experience!

Father Peter Zwaans




St Mary McKillop School

Thank you for being so accommodating and quick to respond to any questions! The kids have loved the activities and had so much fun exploring the camp grounds. The staff have been excellent, friendly and approachable.

Lisa Bonney

Year 6/7 Teacher




AnglicareSA Mental Health Respite

I cannot thank the staff at Glenhaven Park enough for the organisation and delivery of a great weekend for the participants who attended the camp. Every participant thoroughly enjoyed themselves. In the camps I have previously delivered, I have not seen the level of participation achieved by those who attended, which is a credit to the care and support is provided by Kev and Chris during the activities, particularly the Giant Swing. I look forward to being able to deliver more camps at Glenhaven Park in the near future, and will definitely be recommending your facilities to others!

Michael Szczepanik


Mental Health Respite





Glenhaven Park Testimonial Coastlands Church

We had a great time, thank you. We had a very diverse group with complicated needs and we feel you went above and beyond to facilitate us.

Shelley Lock

Kids Ministry/Youth/Administration

Coastlands Church

2nd October 2017




Glenhaven Park Testimonial Harvest Christian College

Thank you so much. The staff were really able to connect with the students. Overall a brilliant experience for all.

Brenton Herne

Year 6 Teacher

Harvest Christian College

15th September 2017



Glenhaven Park Testimonial Trinity Gardens School

It’s a great camp for our school kids. The students commented on how they loved the activities and the food. All the staff were friendly and accommodating. Thanks heaps!!

Francesco Ierace

Year 4 Teacher

Trinity Gardens School

7th September 2017


Glenhaven Park Testimonial  Belair PS

We discussed our camp experience at length last week in our team meeting. We were all of the opinion that it was an excellent camp experience for our students and they benefitted greatly from the activities. We were particularly impressed with the conduct of the instructors, their support and encouragement of our students to challenge themselves and work as a team. This acknowledgement of the instructors was also evident in the personal reflections the students completed.

Accommodation, food and standard of equipment was also of a high standard and we are considering returning in 2019 with a new group of students.

Dominic Graham

Year 5 Teacher

Belair PS

4th September 2017




Testimonial Horizon Christian School 31-5-2-6-17

Thanks so much for another SENSATIONAL camp. We love the activities, friendliness of staff/instructors and the delicious food. I would highly recommend this camp to others.

Leah Magor

Year 5 Teacher

Horizon Christian School

17th May 2017


GLENHAVEN CAMP Testimonial From Gilles Street PS

As I said, your camp is wonderful. Your staff are amazing and the best thing I can say is that every single child got the right experience for them and whether they were first or last they were made to feel comfortable, safe and valued. Thank you and well done!

Mark Tucker

Year 4/5 Teacher

Gilles Street Primary School

17th May 2017



GLENHAVEN CAMP Testimonial From Norwood PS

From the students;

  • It was amazing full stop!
  • The High Ropes, Leap of Faith and Giant Swing were really fun
  • The orienteering was fun, using a map and compass, we felt like real explorers
  • Always pushing you to have a go, do your best and have a try
  • Positive, no negativity
  • The thrill on the Giant Swing and Leap of Faith made the whole experience; it gave us a chance to get over our fears

From the teacher;

Thank you again to you and your team for an incredible camp experience that we will never forget!

Anastasia Agorastos

Year 5/6 Teacher

Norwood Primary School

3rd May 2017



GLENHAVEN CAMP From St Aloysius College

Thank you so much for having us! St Aloysius College loves coming to Glenhaven! We always feel so welcomed. The staff are fantastic and the food is on point!

Rachel Gould, Year 8 Coordinator

17th February 2017





Would you like to participate in many team building and amusing activities? Then you must come along to the one and only Glen Haven Park, with many team building exercises and’outside the box’ challenges that you must try, Glen Haven Park is definitely a worth wile camp. What other camp would you attend?
Many camps don’t offer such a wide range of activities, but GIen Haven Park does. There are an extensive amount of initiative building activities for anyone, at any confidence level, to participate in. A iew of the activities require a harness, since they are 8 – ro metres in the air, which may be frightening for many participants, although they are much safer than the other challenges. If you don’t feel comfortable with participating in these activities, that is tooYo fine, since the wonderful and polite staff definitely don’t force you to participate in every challenge.
You may think that a camp meal is a horrible meal, seriously you do not know ANYTHING about Glen Haven. The food at this outstanding camp is without a doubt more delicious than an’all you can eat buffet’, and the chefs are incredibly polite and respectful to attendants. For breakfast you can make a decision for each topping or meal that you choose. Morning tea is so scrumptious that everyone feels as if they are attending a 5 star restaurant, and don’t let me forget lunch and afternoon tea, it is so healthybut delicious at the same time! Dinner and dessert is so mouth watering every single living thing in that room feels like they are being served by Jamie Oliver.
Undoubtedly everyone knows that some people don’t feel comfortable with heights, so the Glen Haven team only encourage you to participate and to have a go at the several challenges. The West Beach communitybelieve that this camp has many wonderfuI instructors and staff, because of the feedback children have given to their parents or other family after theyhave attended this amazing place. Anyone would be lucky to attend this camp even if they are one of those people who do not feel comfortable about leaving home or family, the Glen Haven team are so welcoming it feels like home.
In conclusion, to state my point, I would like to say that Glen Haven Park is by far the best camp that anyone could EVER attend, because of the enormous range of activities that anyone can participate in, 5 star gourmet food that tastes as delectable as food served by Curtis Stone, and the friendly, polite staffwho encourage and respect every attendant. If you have NOT been to this exciting, challenging, welcoming camp you must. Where else would you go?
Exposition written by Lily (Betsy), Room 11, West Beach Primary School





Glenhaven Park Is The Best Camp!

Do you Iike an adventure, do you like challenging yourself, than go to Glenhaven Park. lt is the best camp in Australia because, yoU do all different types of activities with children from your school. Who wouldn’t want to go to a camp that is full of fun and amazing staff? Even the West Beach community says it is the best camp. The food is amaziJrg and the staff members are funny and unique.
Glenhaven Park has the best activities because they have the twelve and a half metre giant swing, ten metre leap of faith and the ten metre high ropes. The giant swing is super fun as you are twelve and a half metres in the air with the best view you will ever see in the world. You will drop approximately four metres and then zoom through the air it is so amazing. The ten metre leap of faith is fun as you will climb ten metres and then jump to a trapezium while being harnessed up. The ten metre high ropes are unbelievable as you are climbing ten metres in the air and then doing five some obstacle courses. Also there is a challenge that is called the tower challenge you have milk crates and you are putting them on the ground and then climbing up them. The point of the tower challenge is to climb as high as you can and whoever climbs the highest wins.
Furthermore the food is really good because, they give you food from 7:00 to 6:30 and they give you food every hour and a half. On camp they give you the best Lasagne, chicken schnitzel and pizza you will ever have around the world ! The staff let you even have seconds and even thirds if you want to. For breakfast they gave you pancakes and French toast which were both very good. They even give you some healthy snacks like fruit. The fruit they give you are rockmelon, watermelon, pineapple and apple.
Finally, you have so much fun as you do activities like high ropes, leap of faith, giant swing, Mohawk walk, five kilometre walk, tower challenge and raft building. They all were very exciting because, you do new things every time you go. Also challenges help you with building your confidence, teamwork and even bush skills. During this camp everyone learnt at least one thing like how to cook damper with herbs or how to start a camp fire.
lnconclusion, this camp is easily the best in Australia for these following reasons, you have many opportunities that you won’t have anywhere else, teamwork skills, bush skills, building up your confidence and learning more about the people around you more. Go to Glenhaven Park today as it is the best camp in the whole of Australia. Also this camp has great staffs that just make you laugh and laugh.
By Hudson, West Beach Primary School

Thanks again for a SENSATIONAL camp! The children and adults loved the activities and food. Your friendliness and professionalism have been much appreciated.

Leah Magor


Horizon Christian School

3rd June 2016

West Beach Primary School

All of the Instruction staff were outstanding, their manner with students was exemplary. The cooking staff did an amazing job of preparing great meals; no one went hungry. Many students have said this was “the best camp “they had been on due to the fantastic challenges, great facilities and wonderful staff. Thanks!!

Tina Nesbitt, ICT Coordinator, 13th April 2016

Prescott Primary Northern

Some different comments to different staff members

Kev (Head Instructor)

You are a champion! Thanks for all you do for our students on camp! Every year – you are amazing! May God bless you!

Chris (Manager)

It is always such a highlight coming to Glenhaven Park – thank you for making it so memorable for our students! May God bless you all!


To all our amazing chef’s, thank you for the delicious food you provided and for serving with a smile! We value you!

Tamara Bernoth, Deputy Principal, 1st April 2016

McLaren Vale Primary School

Excellent, well run camp. Instructors are amazing, approachable and great communicators. All kids/adults dietary needs catered for wonderfully. Awesome camp, all the kids & teachers/helpers all thoroughly enjoyed it!

Justin Tronerud, Middle School Teacher, 23rd March 2016

St Aloysius College

We had a fantastic 3 days! Thank you so much. The staff were fantastic – welcoming, engaging – and the food was brilliant. See you next year!

Rachel Gould, Year 8 Coordinator, 19th February 2016

Dear Glenhaven staff,
on the 20th of May my school called walkerville Primary arrived at Glenhaven and we stayed there till the 22nd of May. When I got off the bus the excitement just kept on building I could see the other school that still hadn’t left on the giant swing and it looked amazing and I couldn’t wait to see what else you had in store for me. The hike was my first activity and I had a great time getting in touch with nature. Soon after I had invites which was great fun working together in a team to solve puzzles. After a delicious meal of lasagna, garlic bread and salad and a fantastic apple crumble and custard I went to bed.
The next day I awoke to a great breakfast of pancakes with toppings after I went straight into my first activity which was the tower challenge which got me ready for all the tall activities in the camp’ Next was bush skills which I really enjoyed I absolutely loved making a little hut to take shelter in. After that came the thing I Feared most the leap of faith when I got to the top I jump off the top without waiting for the countdown so I fell a little and everyone laughed including me. As soon as all that was gone I had a fun relaxing time of high ropes until dinner. After dinner came the talent show my group performed a dance with glow sticks on to a song called neon lights and my group came second and that was all very tiring so I went to sleep right away.
The final day came and I was very sad to be leaving Glenhaven. After French toast for breakfast I had low ropes. Low ropes were fun and also very challenging. Next we had archery I liked this more than I thought I would it was great fun. Finally the thing I had been looking forward to during the whole camp the giant swing. I was the first girl to go up there as well the first to scream. After lunch we had to go after we found out who won overall in archery we got on the bus and left Glenhaven.
My camp experience at Glenhaven was one I wouldn’t change a single bit. I would like to thank you all for giving me the best camp experience ever and for making everything possible.
A big thank you
lsa belle

Walkerville Primary School

Thank you very much for an extremely enjoyable camp. The memories and experiences from this camp are ones I will cherish forever and I’m sure many fellow classmates feel the same way. The camp itself was very organised and well thought out. Glenhaven is definitely my favourite camp by far!
The food and facilities were very good. Compliments to the chef for cooking such delicious and satisfying meals! They were absolutely scrum-didly-dumptious! The cabins and facilities were kept to a very high standard and made the stay that much more enjoyable.
The giant swing was probably my favourite activity. I am very thankful that Chris was able to make the activity safe for us. The free-fall was the best sensation and I may have screamed a little too loudly. To see all the people peering up at you when you are up so high was amazingly fun! Then when everyone counted me down butterfly’s in my stomach were threatening to claw their way out! When I pulled the rope my hole body was thrown to the ground with such force. lt was amazing!
The leap of faith was really good because it was designed for people to overcome their fears. People that I thought would be fearless struggled which really took me by surprise and others who I thought would get sacred nailed it perfectly! I may or may not have gotten a bit too cocky and did a fancy leg trick on the pole and fell off… But I guarantee Nick as to blame! Haha! :)
Th tower challenge was also one of my favourite activities! The challenge was great and it really required teamwork skills. I enjoyed how everyone came together to try and make the tallest tower. Unfortunately we could not get past 12! lt was super cool to knock down the tower at the end and see everyone scatter in all directions!
So thank you very, very much for such a memorable adventure which I will take with me forever!
Sincerely, Alessia Stewart

Walkerville Primary School

Thank you for providing my students with such a fantastic facility and the opportunity to participate in all your activities. You have provided safe encouraging responsible risk taking that pushed them to excel to their best!

Sandra Gresch


Peterborough Primary School, 23rd September 2015

Great camp that students really enjoyed and were challenged on. Help students face their fears and encouraged participation. Food was excellent, varied and plentiful. Kevin and Chris were organised, engaging and made the activities fun. Will definitely be bringing my Year 6’s again next year.

Brenton Herne, Teacher, Harvest Christian School, 11/9/15

Friendliness of all staff, especially their patience with children is something Glenhaven should take pride in. All students enjoyed themselves thoroughly and are very disappointed at having to leave! Thoroughly enjoyed our stay and looking forward to coming back again soon. Thanks.

John Ly, Teacher, Ascot Park Primary School, 18/9/15

West Beach Primary School Video

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Dear Glenhaven Chefs.

We would like to appreciate your cooperation to our stay at Glenhaven Park.

I really enjoyed your cooking, especially the scrumptious pancakes with berries and cream for breakfast.

It was funny when Miss Arnold and Jo presented the food and waved their hands. I really appreciated your cooking for the Year 4/5’s and also letting everyone choose what to eat.

It was really kind that you gave Marley and Ebony a birthday cake and that you set it up. Also it was kind that you gave everyone seconds, thirds and fourths. It was also kind that you got up very early on Wednesday just to prepare food for us.

I really liked all the food you gave us. You guys are really nice. Thank you.

We hope you had a nice time.

From Kasia and Team Worroll

Kapunda Primary School

The staff all thoroughly enjoyed Glenhaven Park – my colleagues and I also discussed how we were really impressed with how well Glenhaven staff were organised and had contingency plans for the weather.
Thanks again for a really enjoyable camp – I’ve been on many different camps but Glenhaven has to be one of the best experiences all round (activities, staff, professionalism & friendliness, food, etc.)
John, Ascot Park Primary School

Thank you so much for a wonderful camp.
Our students really enjoyed their stay, the activities and the food.
Your staff are dedicated and very enthusiastic about their work.

Hoveida Saberi
Numeracy across curriculum, Maths and Technology coordinator
Oakbank Area School

Glenhaven Park has great facilities and great programs. We were easily able to marry our school program with the camp program, giving our students a great all-round experience. The staff are extremely friendly and work really well with the students.

Jamie Fewster, Acting Assistant Head of Middle and Senior School.
Yr. 9 Pastoral Care Leader, Music Team Leader.

Thanks so much to you and everyone at Glenhaven Park for providing us with a fantastic camping experience.

Glen Osmond Primary School, South Australia

Gleeson College has been a satisfied and enthusiastic customer of Glenhaven Park as a site for our student leadership camps for well over a decade. The professionally run and well supervised high and low ropes courses appropriately challenge our students to face personal fears and anxieties, giving them an excellent start to their leadership roles. The friendly and supportive staff at Glenhaven go out of their way to accommodate all dietary requirements down to the finest detail and students reflect fondly of the camps they have had there. Many students are voted into leadership positions year after year, but none that I am aware of have ever complained about the activities available there.

I would be happy to recommend the staff and facilities to any group wishing to undertake a challenging and bonding experience in safe surroundings.

Kevin Francis College Counsellor and Student Leadership Mentor Gleeson College, Golden Grove SA 5125

To the staff at Glenhaven Park,

Thank you for a great camp for our Year 5 classes! The enthusiasm and guidance in the activities was much appreciated! Thanks for the great food and friendly service! May God bless your camp and staff!

Tamara Bernoth Deputy Principal & Year 5 Teacher Prescott Primary Northern

To the staff at Glenhaven Park,

Thank you for a great camp for our Year 5 classes! The enthusiasm and guidance in the activities was much appreciated! Thanks for the great food and friendly service! May God bless your camp and staff!

Tamara Bernoth Deputy Principal & Year 5 Teacher Prescott Primary Northern

Thank you SO much for a wonderful camp experience! Your hospitality, friendliness and activities were enjoyed and valued. The catering was AMAZING too! Thanks again!

Miss Leah Magor
Horizon Christian School

Glenhaven Park was a fantastic experience for both staff and students. The staff were great in helping out and to offer assistance. They were always super friendly, definitely will be coming back! Thank you very much.

Mai Norris
Holy Family Catholic School
Parafield Gardens SA
October 2014

 Dear staff at Glenhaven Park,

Many thanks for taking care of our every need during our stay from 29-31 October! After filling out the feedback form on our last day at Glenhaven Park, I realised that my comments did not even begin to explain how amazing our time away was!

To start with, when planning and organising the camp, every phone conversation and email I had with Louise was positive, friendly and helpful. Every part of the organisational process ran so smoothly.

On arrival at the campsite, we were greeted by Chris with a warm, friendly welcome. This set us up for a fabulous few days. Any accommodations or special needs were always met with a smile.

The instructors – Kevin, Nick and Chris, were approachable, supportive and encouraging. While each had their own personalities and ways of doing things, they commanded respect. They always used humour appropriately, especially to build relationships quickly and never spoke down to my Year 6 & 7 students. The students have all talked about how the adults at camp were respectful and ‘understood where we were coming from’. The students responded well to each instructor and their individual qualities!

The safety and wellbeing of the kids was at the forefront of each activity. Instructions and directions were always clear, concise and informative. This helped those students who were adamant they were not going to attempt the high ropes or giant swing, try activities and, ultimately, succeed!

My class’s focus for camp was ‘make the most of every opportunity’; I wanted students to push themselves to try to do something a little different physically and mentally. Students were ‘pushed’ in a caring and supportive way. The kids have talked about the giant swing activity and how Kevin would ask if they could go ‘one more step?’ Students were challenged in how they thought about their own skills and abilities, and pushed to their own personal limit. They knew their ‘limits’ would always be respected by the instructors, which in turn, showed their peers that each person’s limit is perfectly fine.

Students were encouraged to relate the activities and skills practised back to situations in their own lives. Following camp, we have talked a lot about how we can build resilience, and how our self-talk can affect what we think we are capable of. Students knew they were safe even though they were out of their comfort zones! As one student who initially struggled on the high ropes, but then conquered them, said – ‘I knew the instructor believed in me!’ With the focus on team building, each activity had them thinking about how they relate to others as well as looking at ‘problems’/challenges in different ways.

Instructors were flexible in how the program looked – some changes were negotiated to suit our needs. They listened and responded when I explained specific students’ needs regarding physical strength, language barriers, experience or emotional concerns.

Students loved the facilities – they felt they experienced a bit of being in the ‘bush’! The grounds are gorgeous – still very natural, but well-kept. They are still talking about the snake near the archery area!

A huge ‘thanks’ to Kellie who catered to our every dietary requirement (and much, much more!). We were all so very impressed at the delicious food as well as the amount of it. The food was hearty, wholesome and nutritious. Kids are still talking about the huge slabs of cake they saw on camp!

Taking students away from school on a camp is a massive amount of hard work, but working with you all at Glenhaven Park showed that it is also a huge privilege to take kids away and have them participate in some amazing activities in a magnificent setting! Aside from all the ‘schooly/educational’ stuff, we also had a heap of fun!!!!!

Many thanks to Kevin – his farewell included the kids reflecting on what they had learnt over the few days away, what lessons they would take away with them and what they enjoyed. He also encouraged the students to thank their teacher and parents!

Thanks again and keep doing what you are doing!:)

Diane Toole, Goodwood Primary School, 17/11/14

On behalf of the students, staff and parents of Rapid Bay Primary School thank you for the unique experience you provided for our students on our three day camp in September.

Challenge by choice sums up the hopes we had for the camp. Challenge to take students to the edge of their courage and confidence, choice to consider and decide their own limits. The range of high and low ropes, the tower challenge, the giant swing and the leap of faith presented each of our students with challenges that asked them to physically go further than they have ever been. In every activity though they were encouraged and supported to reach their personal limit. Knowing the capacities of all of our children I saw students who stopped at the top of the extension ladder but I know it took more courage for them to reach that point than some of the confident tightrope walkers up on the wires.

The teamwork activities were completely engaging. All of them provided opportunities for students who like to be the frontrunners and those who like to stand back, to change their preferences for the sake of the team – great learning. All activities catered appropriately for the skills of students from our five year olds through to the thirteen year olds.

It was very pleasing to receive feedback from your staff about the manners and respect shown by our students. I believe the manner in which your staff spoke to students, the clarity and tone of instructions and directions won that respect. My staff and I were quickly confident of your team’s ability to establish good working relationships with the children and manage any issues that may arise. We appreciated the flexible way you adjusted to our request for a couple of changes to the timetable and the sleeping arrangements.

The bunk rooms and facilities were clean and comfortable and we felt that the rules and regulations for managing the site were comprehensive and clearly explained. My staff appreciated the feeling that you trusted us as professionals to manage our students without needing overly strict routines.

Food Glorious Food – delicious, healthy, a great variety and lots of it, all served with a smile.

You have a great location, fantastic choices of activities and great personnel which all fit together perfectly to make for a brilliant school camp.

As our camp was funded by RATCH Australia Corporation, owners and managers of the Starfish Hill wind farm I have sent many photos and descriptions of this camp to their Brisbane office. I believe some of them may turn up on the walls in their international headquarters in Bangkok and on their website.

Thankyou again – we look forward to the next visit.
Chris Heartfield
Rapid Bay Primary School.
28th October 2014


As you can see by our wonderful camp testimonials everyone has a great time at Glenhaven Park Camps!

Wonderful camp program which has instilled confidence and happiness in all students! Thanks! J   Shari Lush Year 7 Teacher  

Reynella East College

Thank you, we had a great time! Staff were amazing and great with the kids. Food was excellent, and a good variety. Rosalie Solomon

Kapunda Primary School

On behalf of Ben, myself and our year 4 students at Gulfview Heights Primary school, thank you so much for another fantastic camp! We all had an absolutely amazing experience and can’t thank you all enough. Thanks again Chris for coming out whenever we had any issues, we really appreciated it. The food was sensational […]

Gulfview Heights Primary School Gulfview Heights Primary School

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