by the Foundation for Outdoor Adventure

Great article to explain of the importance of having an adventure. Written in the UK but this article has some great value for our young people in Australia.

The need for adventure
In an attempt to understand themselves, others and the changing context of their lives, all young people are engaged, consciously or unconsOUTDOOR ADVENTUREciously, in an exploration of what it is to be human. This is in essence a spiritual journey, in which young people come to terms with the mysteries of human existence; establish standards and values by which they live and work; identify worthwhile goals and develop the skills and understanding through which these may be achieved.

Our society is changing rapidly, and this calls for new approaches to learning, working and living together. The importance of assisting young people to prepare effectively and successfully for their adult lives is obvious; the cost of failure in this task will be borne in the future both by the individuals themselves and by society. The challenge for all concerned with young people is to empower them to cope effectively with the choices, problems and opportunities which face them, and at the same time to help them develop a real sense of community and citizenship.

The Foundation for Outdoor Adventure identifies five areas of development for young people. In each of these, individual learning and development needs can be addressed through the empowering experience of outdoor adventure.

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